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Franklin Community High School
The Franklin Performing Arts Center, located on the campus of Franklin Community High School is a state-of-the-art venue for professional, educational and multi-purpose events.
Located south of Indianapolis in historic Franklin, Indiana, the center can host many types of events including concerts, musicals, plays, community events, dance recitals, competitions and school assemblies.
The center also has a dance rehearsal room, hair and makeup room, scene shop, band and choral rehearsal rooms.
The Franklin Performing Arts Center is available to rent for small and large events.

Performing Arts Center l Franklin Community Schools Indiana

What to Know

Venue Specifications

About-Performing-Arts-CenterAuditorium Capacity
918 seats, 9 additional wheelchair spaces

Franklin Community High School
2600 Cumberland Drive
Franklin, IN 46131


Courtney Burke
Performing Arts Event Manager

Proscenium: 47’3” wide x arched 17’9” sides and 20’10” center high

Stage depth: Proscenium to back wall = 30’4”

Apron to back wall = 38’

Overall width of stage: 63’10”

Wing space: Stage right - 31’6” x 16’5”  &  Stage left - 31’6” x 12’5”

Size of orchestra pit: 15’11” depth in center, 12’2” depth at ends, 38’ wide up stage edge, 6’2” high

Height from floor to grid: 48’5”

Distance from pit lip to FOH: 38’

Distance from proscenium to spotlight booths: 106’

Counterweight System is located on Stage Left

25 lines on 8” centers, 12” between Grand Curtain and First Border

8’ Arbors

63’ Battens

Maximum Load per Batten = 1,200 lbs.

2 Conductor Podiums

140 Music Stands

61  Music Stand Lights

149  Musician’s Chairs

6  Stage Right FR-36 Choral Risers

12 4’x8’ Wenger Versalite Staging Platforms (8”, 16”, 24”, 32” legs)

17 4’x6’ Wenger Versalite Staging Platforms (8”, 16”, 24”, 32” legs)

1 Yamaha C6 Grand Piano

1 Harlequin Reversible Marley Dance Floor (Black and Gray)

Front of House

32 Channel Soundcraft MH4

3 Dual 31band Rane ME60 Equalizers

1 Marantz PMD351 CD/Cassette Combo Player

1 Tascam CD A500 CD/Cassette Combo Player

House Mains

L/R: Meyer M1D Line Array

Subs: Meyer M1D-SUB         


4 Community MVP38 stage monitors

2 Community MVP35 side fill monitors


8 Shure Beta58A

8 Shure Beta57A

8 Audio-Technica Pro37

4 Audio-Technica AE3000

Beyerdynamic Drum Mic Kit

2 TG D57c

2 TG D58c

2 TG I53c

1 TG D70d

3 Audix MicroBoom with M1255B

8 Shure MX202WC

5 Shure MX391C Boundary Mic

16 Shure ULXS4  Receivers

8 Beta58A wireless handheld

16 ULX1 wireless bodypack

8 Shure WL93 lapel microphone

16-Countryman E6 (light beige) head-worn microphone


Dual channel Production Intercom system (Compatible with Clear-Com Brand)

RTS BTR-240 Wireless Intercom System

5 TR-240 Wireless Body Packs

ETC Express 48/96 control console with wireless remote focus

Dimmer Per Circuit

18 Circuits at FOH Position 1

18 Circuits at FOH Position 2

6 Circuits House Right Box Boom

6 Circuits House Left Box Boom

20 Circuits on Batten 4

20 Circuits on Batten 11

20 Circuits on Batten 16

20 Circuits on Batten 22

9 Circuits in floor pockets Stage Left

9 Circuits in floor pockets Stage Right

9 Circuits in floor pockets Up-Stage


20 10 degree ETC Source 4

12 19 degree ETC Source 4

12 36 degree ETC Source 4

4 50 degree ETC Source 4

4 Source 4 Zoom

4 ETC Source 4 PAR

42- Altman 65Q Fresnel

76 PAR 64 (Black)

18 Blizzard Lighting ProPar Seven6 LED PARs

10 Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash


2 Lycian 1209, 575watt HMI


6 50lb. Iron Base Boom

Power Distribution

1 400amp 120/208  3-phase, located Downstage Right

Permanently installed rear projection screens and rooms left and right of the stage.

Displays and Projectors

 2 Mitsubishi XL5980LU Projector

90 Absen A7 LED Video Wall (NovaPro HD Processor)


BlackMagic Design 2ME 4K Video Switcher

BlackMagic Design Hyper Deck

BlackMagic Design Hyper Deck Mini

BlackMagic Design Audio Monitor

BlackMagic Design Smart Scope Duo 4K

BlackMagic Design Smart View Video Monitor


2 Panasonic AG-HPX370 Cameras

2 Marshall Monitors

2 Manfrotto Tripods

2 Fuji Lens Controls

Converters and Adapters

2 Decimator MD-HX Up/Down/Cross Converter

Media Server

Mac Pro running Renewed Vision ProPresentor 6

The loading dock near the stage is at ground level and is stage level. The stage entrance door is 10’ wide x 13’ high.

NOTE: There is an alternate dock location in the building, with a 48” dock that can accommodate two trucks.

One chorus room located behind the stage can accommodate 15 people. The room is equipped with make-up tables, mirrors, lights, chairs, toilets, and sinks. NOTE: There are other rooms available in this area that can be made into dressing rooms.

The Franklin Performing Arts Center is a unique venue for many types of events.
Meetings and Non-Ticketed Events

The Franklin Performing Arts Center serves many community events, including college graduation ceremonies, orientation programs, trade shows, weddings and student productions. 

Annual Non-Ticketed Events
Indiana National Guard Warrant Officer

Graduation Ceremony

Johnson County REMC Annual Meeting

Concerts and Ticketed Events
The Franklin Performing Arts Center is host to a variety of ticketed events each year.
More Information
The full-service staff at The Franklin Performing Arts Center is dedicated to working with you to create the perfect event. For more information, including available dates, please contact the Performing Arts Center Event Manager, Courtney Burke at
Performing Arts Center

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